Temporary Technical Competent Manager or CoTC Operator Cover.

What is TCM or CoTC cover and why do I need it?

A typical environmental permit for waste operations or an older waste management license will almost certainly have a permit condition that the operator shall comply with the requirements of an approved competence scheme. The Technically Competent Manager (TCM) must be in a position to oversee activities on site, as reflected in the operator’s management system and operational procedures.

We can provide Technically Competent persons to ensure you meet your permit requirements for both short and long term engagements. This may be to cover for example new facilities when in your application stage, holiday or extended absence of existing personnel or temporary cover whilst training or recruiting new personnel.

How often does the TCM have to be on site for?

The Environment Agency’s guidance states that for tier 2 permits which include standard rules permits for waste operations, the Environment Agency would normally expect to see a minimum attendance of 20% of operating hours unless you have agreed an alternative with them. A site will be considered operational when it is either accepting or removing waste, or undertaking any process or activity involving waste that should be under the day-to-day control of a technically competent manager.

There is also a calculation matrix where “attendance points” for complexity, location and emission bands will determine what percentage of time the technically competent manager needs to be on site. If you are unsure of how this affects your site, we would strongly suggest that you agree and confirm the requirements with the Environment Agency.


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